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I have found this last 18months very hard. I suffered with shaking, anxiety and general I'll health. All of this compounded by my fears for human life as the world seemed to be spiralling into destruction, with Covid and wars and conflict amongst different religions and races. Why can't we just be happy, that's all l ask? After counselling with Claire l realise that l can't take on the worries of the world, concentrate on the good there is and avoid all the bad news where possible. It's a black hole that l have slowly emerged from. So my advice to anyone is simple. Look for help and stick with it, it will get better.
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I need help as I’m always feeling low an and anxious about my whole life, every aspect of my life is completely ruined, housing, employment my health, family life , debt etc. I don’t/ Carnot get to sleep at night as I just stress and become anxious all the time and I’ve lost a lot of weight as I just don’t eat and I never have food in the house to do so , I’m currently on benefits which is is embarrasing as I feel I should be at work but I carnt even answer my phone answer the door and any mail I get is just bills wanting money I just don’t have. I just want to hide away but this just isn’t working for me, when I do get to sleep and wake up I instantly feel like crap and wish I could sleep al the time as everyday feels like torture. I have children with my ex partner but hardly ever see them or contribute to their life’s, I lived alone for two years and my kids have never even been to my house as I just don’t have much furniture and I’m embarrassed for them to see how I live so it’s easier for them not to come here. Yes I believe we’ve all got problems in our life’s but I just. carnt get my head around getting things sorted or how to do it, hence I prefer to hide away? Home life is rubbish I don’t even watch tv as I don’t have an Arial so carnt, I don’t have a cooker so I couldn’t make a meal even if I wanted to I’m just stuck in this place with as I feel no hope. I’ve pulled at least 5 of my own teeth out as I carnt get see a dentist which again I don’t want people to see me. If I do have an appointment etc , I miss them as I carnt find anything to wear or just make excuses not to go ??? What is wrong with me ? My life is pathetic and I feel I’m not living just existing, waiting for something to happen. I’m writing this at 05:15 as I couldn’t get to sleep again

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Well I have just had my last cbt session and I can honestly say it's been the best thing I have ever done!
I started this journey broken and lost. The journey has been tough and sometimes I have come out of sessions feeling worse than when I went in.
After just finishing my last session I can honestly say it is definitely worth. I am now such a confident person loving life again and being able to show the true me. I have found myself again and I am a much happier person for it! It really has transformed my life!
I would recommend this service to anyone who was like me broken and lost because the end result is amazing. Thank you for steering me in the right direction, giving me the tools to deal with anything that life is going to throw at me and for finding me again! I have much stronger and healthier relationships now and I am super excited to see what the future will hold for me. I am so very grateful and thankful! 

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I don't know where to start. I have never been diagnosed with anything before so I can't say exactly what my situation is. One minute, I can be on an amazing mood, making plans and socialising but then the next I could go quiet, falling into a low mood ajd not wanting to socialise at all. As soon as I'm alone in my room, I cry my eyes out, for no reason at all and then I start thinking about sad things in my life like my nan passing away or my nephew being in care. I don't know what to do, my mood affects everyday in my life but then it gets worse. I get anxious over the littlest of things. Am I doing this right? Am I meant to be doing this? Is this how they want it? I constantly doubt myself about everything and I struggle to do things for work. During lockdown, we had to make videos for work to go onto YouTube but before I made it, I had a severe panic attack in front of my Co worker because i didn't know what people would think of it and was worried. I can't seem to do anything without doubting myself, stressing and being anxious or closing down ajd pulling myself away from everyone. Does anyone have any advice?
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I don't know where to begin. I'm struggling to cope with anything. My anxieties about everything are wearing me down and I feel useless and worthless. My gender transition has isolated me from my family and I have never felt so alone. I have a massive operation coming up in Spain and I'm terrified of everything to do with the travel, the op and just about everything. I know people are having it worse than me which compounds my feelings and I feel guilt also.
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