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Since completing cancer treatment I have been suffering with anxiety. I am now on low dose of meds which take time To get into my system. I have a wellbeing assessment on 10th Feb. Can you recommend anything in the meantime as I need help? Any other helpline to speak to for example?
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Am I able to self refer via email?
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I've had Covid and recovered but I've been left with ongoing symptoms. I get breathless and it hurts in all my limbs when I try and exercise gently or do things for any length of time. I'm scared that this is how I'm going to be from now on and I don't think my GP is taking my symptoms seriously. She's sent me to this service who have been helpful and I've got an appointment but I feel I need to know if anyone else has had this, I keep hearing about long covid symptoms and it's making me really scared. Has anyone on this website had covid and have you had symptoms continuing afterwards?
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Hi since July I’ve had depression and anxiety. I’ve been trying so hard to keep active going out walking and going on bike rides and I’ve been doing so well since I went back to work last month on a phased return I’ve noticed another problem has started where as if my head tilts backwards and I try to catch my breath my lips go dry for a bit then comes back to normal after a few seconds is this linked to anxiety

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Hi, I'm fifteen and I've been struggling with anxiety and depressive episodes for just over four years now, and not very comfortable when it comes to phone calls, I'm not sure what I should do
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Who are we?

We are a team of NHS professionals trained to specialize in offering effective, evidence-based treatments for a wide range of common problems that affect most of us at some point in our lives.

We specialize in all symptoms of anxiety, and low mood (depression), but we also deliver physical rehabilitation programmes for physical conditions, and help people to live better with long term physical conditions.

We treat both emotional and physical symptoms together – because we all experience both in our lives. Our team is made up of Wellbeing Practitioners, Nurse Therapists, Cognitive Behavioural Therapists, and Counsellors.

What do we offer?

We are committed to delivering a choice of effective therapies in the way that is most convenient for you.

Our aim is to provide a warm, caring experience that fits comfortably into your life, and helps you to achieve the improvement you need in as little time as possible.

You will be treated in a welcoming, warm and friendly way by professionals who are committed to ensuring your experience of using our service is a positive one.

Where are we?

We cover the whole of Staffordshire, and have NHS clinics in each area. We deliver appointments via video and phone calls, but also have therapists in most GP practices and NHS clinics. Click SELF-REFER to find which of our teams serve your GP practice.

How do I access the service?

You can self-refer by simply phoning us – our friendly and professional staff will take your details and arrange a convenient appointment time for you.

You can also self-refer by completing this secure online form, and we will contact you by phone to confirm your appointment. Your doctor, or any other healthcare professional can also refer you to our service. We aim to offer you an appointment within two weeks.