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I have just finished my course of CBT for anxiety and depression that I'd been suffering with for years. It was my first time using therapy and I was quite nervous about it. My therapist was really approachable and easy to talk to and over the weeks really put me at ease talking about things I find difficult to express. I can honestly say that it has helped me a huge amount and given me strategies for handling thought and emotions moving forwards. Thank you very much.comment-icon0
I self referred to wellbeing service as I was experiencing low mood and a lot of anxiety, Charlotte helped me massively, talked about a lot of things due to me having lack of motivation of doing house chores, going out and socialising with people. She sent me a lot of information out on how to improve my low mood and anxiety, had 7 sessions. It’s helped me a lot. If I ever need support again, I know they’ll be therecomment-icon0
How long is the waiting list for bereavement counseling in ST3 area? I've been on the waiting list a long time, received a text telling me to call and make an appointment but when I did, I was told there were no appointments. How long does it take?comment-icon0
Hi is this one on one support or group support?comment-icon1
Hi,I have chronical depression and anxiety for 12 years,and I took diazepam 10 mg from my rumanian gp,but now I need more medication what can I do?comment-icon1
I had the best journey at Stoke Well-being I could have ever asked for. My therapist spent a lot of time listening and really showed her commitment to me over our sessions. I have a lot of anxiety and my independence was gone and it was so unbearable. Before sessions with Tia I couldn’t imagine being able to leave the house alone without being sure things were off and sorted. Anything I did she would do to in sessions so it felt okay. Although I don’t need sessions now I will miss her genuine kindness!comment-icon0
Hi my husband passed away on the 5th January this year I feel so guilty and blame myself I don't know what to do and just need to know why it happened as it was sudden I can't get over the fact he died without me being there he had a nurse with him but it should have been mecomment-icon1
I lost my dad in 2020, all things escalated from there. I lost my happiness, had to quite my job, school and everything I loved doing. Depression has put me in a dark place. A place I don’t know how I can get out. At the moment I live for the ones I love and who are so dear to me. I want to know how to deal with my emotions that’s why I’m reaching out now, I’m really exhausted.comment-icon1
Hi my name Lachlan Matthews and I’m 25 years old I been struggling the last two years as I lost three family members one was my mother sadly passed away with her cancer on 25th June 2021 and my grandad passed away. Last year on 28 October 2022 and my aunt passed away 19 December 2022 .comment-icon1
I’m not very good at expressing my feelings and even posting this anonymously is scary, but I think it’s got to the point where I need some help. I haven’t been to my GP or spoken to anyone about this because I’m embarrassed, but I’m getting to the point where I’m feeling so overwhelmed with everything and it feels a bit much. I think I’ve been suffering with anxiety for a good few years now and it only seems to be getting worse. I struggle to talk to people, I don’t feel comfortable anywhere, if I need to speak in a meeting at work I physically can’t and my heart feels like it’s going to jump out of my chest. I thought that I just needed to build on my self confidence but I’ve come to realise it’s a lot more than that, and if I don’t do something about it I feel like it’s going to ruin my life. Alongside this I’m just feeling so down. I can’t get out of bed in the mornings and it takes me around 2 hours, and then I rush and am late for work. I rarely feel joy with anything I do and I’m struggling to look forward to things in the future. Im in a constant state of feeling exhausted and like I need a break, but the breaks I get never seem long enough. This probably sounds so silly to people, and trying to compress these feelings into a little paragraph is tough, but it’s the first step to actually reaching out for help.comment-icon1
Hello All, First at all I would like to apologise as English is not my first language. I had miscarriage... There are no words to describe the way I feel. It hurts. I'm struggling. I'm falling apart each day over and over again. I'm waking up often during the night, start to cry and keep asking why? It was such an amazing feeling when I found out I'm pregnant. The knowledge that a little human is growing under my heart.. I always wanted  kids, I was so happy and so ready to become a mather and then.. all I have left is emptiness I can not and don't know how to pull myself together. I feel fears all the time and don't know why. I'm scared to walk onto the toilet as every single time I need to use it I remind myself of thay day... the picture of  blood and pain. I feel nervous when I'm thinking about work, I'm working with people, and I need to be there for them but right now I feel so down and so not ready to be back to work.. I had a moments when I thought it's a bit better as I left a bedroom,  made myself a tea or pet my cat, but soon after I'm having a big breakdown and keep crying. People are asking how am I? I don't even know how to answer that question.  It's the worse question ever you can ask a women who had miscarriage.. I feel like I can't tell them how I really feel but I can't also lie that I'm better because I'm not. I don't even know how to speak with my partner.. I feel quilty,  I wasn't able to keep our baby safe. I failed. And what about future? I would love to have children, but how to deal with all the fears after miscarriage if I get pregnant again? How do I make the second one safe? I'm sorry for so long message.. I just had to share it with someone..comment-icon1
I have angry issues what need to be addressed I'm losing all rational thoughts and I'm taking it out on people I love can you please help before it's to latecomment-icon1
i am 36 and over the last 21 /22 months i have had ongoing pain in tummy which has not gone away and my health generally is getting to me and its like when i go to doctors I feel I am not being listened to and then i have the disorder of overthinking everything and feel like rubbish .comment-icon1
I broke down at work today from stress and anxt. This is the first time this happened. My personal life is filled with uncertainty at the moment, and when I thought all was sorted I get a bollocking from a manager who doesn't understand my contributions and accused me of being stubborn and incompetent. Much responsibility gets put on my shoulders but I am not qualified, and worry one day it will bite me back and land me with serious reprocussions. Does a anyone have advice?comment-icon1
My mental health is really taking its toll. I’ve bottled loads of things and emotions over the years and it’s come to a point now. I can’t do it anymore. I feel dressed , tense , angry and I need help on what to do. I’d like to speak to somebody face to facecomment-icon1
Hi, I have been struggling to feel happy for quite a while (a few years now) and I have told people about it but I still feel the same. I suppose I'm just feeling a bit lonely? I have lost a lot recently and I have been keeping my emotions about it all hidden, but its becoming hard to keep doing that, Is there anything I can do to not feel like this?comment-icon1
Hello, My Dad passed away 9 weeks ago (8 days before my wedding) and i'm really struggling at the moment.comment-icon1
Hey, I've been feeling low for several years now, it started back in 2019 but has spiralled ever since. My friends noticed the change in me and advised me to seek help, I haven't spoken to anyone about how I have been feelingcomment-icon1
I am struggling at the moment with so much going on. My Mum is in hospital and may not be able to return home. I have had to have my Grandson, who is ASD, come to live with me and my daughter is struggling with her mental health.comment-icon1
As anyone tried any alernative medication/treatments for GAD . I would really appreciate any feedback on this please.comment-icon1
Hi, My relationship isn't going well and I feel like I am neglected and ignored by the people I love. I have no confidence at all and I am struggling with low self esteem. I don't want anyone else to know about this including my family. I feel like I could be judged for this. I want to know if you would be able to offer me service anonymously.comment-icon3
Hi, I'm currently in my final 7 weeks of university. I am so overwhelmed with life, on a personal and professional level. I think past experiences that haven't been resolved are a main cause, but also feel I'm probably being ridiculous, and consequently scared to reach out.comment-icon1
I left my previous job and started a new Job in April which the past couple weeks I’ve been really struggling and bottling my feelings trying to get along and hope I will enjoy it but I’ve all sudden got such bad anxiety the thought of work making my heart beat so fast and making me feel ill . I handed in my notice today as I can’t cope and can’t go back but now I don’t know what to do because the thought of having to do the notice period I just can’t and I don’t have another job to go to . My previous job are trying to get me to be able to go back but may take some time but I’m still on bank in the hospital I use to work in so will have to do that in meantime but I’m still plagued with this stress and anxiety because I can’t go back to the job to do the notice . What can I do ?comment-icon1
I have experienced severe trauma during my childhood and struggle as an adult with parenting as a result of this. Would this service be able to offer some counselling for this?comment-icon1
Hi I’ve started felling really down and anxious been having lots of stress at work and really struggling to do normal day to day things been shaking and having headaches struggling to eat and sleep feel like a failure don’t no what to docomment-icon1
I was left in a state of horrible anxiety, I couldn't cope with life. The Perimenopause and the effect of the Pandemic had left me too anxious to face the day. My practitioner was so understanding and helped me to see how normal my problems were. I now understand how to cope with my physical symptoms and to deal with stressful situations. This service has given me my life back - thank you! I would recommedn it to anyone.comment-icon1
Just been told by gp to contact this service. I have suffered for years with anxiety and depression and am really struggling at mo.comment-icon3
I've been diagnosed with severe depression and anxiety. Can I book a face to face meeting?comment-icon1
Too scared to ring and talk to someone from the wellbeing service. I've never been right since i lost my brother and brother in law to suicide and my best friend to cancer, ive had covid x 2, I feel constantly drained all the time, physically and mentally, can't concentrate on anything, ive started having bouts of sleep phoralasis, anxious and feel depressed and angry a lot, feel locked in and nowhere to run.comment-icon3
I feel completely let down by the authorities and helpless seeing my son be poisoned by toxic gas on a regular basis. There is no justice and no help for us, why does no one care what is happening to our children and what are we paying our taxes for if we don’t have the same human rights as everyone else? The latest law fare against the community for daring to take a stand is crippling - crushing people who are begging for fresh air for their children and are getting no reasonable amount of help to do so in a timely manner is the end of humanity for our town. No humanity or real support from the government - seemingly a pretence from parliament to placate the peasants. Anyone with a real desire to help stop this has failed because they’ve hit a ceiling. Helpless, attacked, assaulted, violated relentlessly while the people we pay to be in power / positions of public authority watch and allow it to happen. Anxiety, low mood, panic, fear, incredulity, horror, shock, appalled. Emotional rollercoaster and we are not even allowed to fight for our own children any more. What’s left? Roll over and let our children continue to be poisoned? What’s left?!comment-icon1
Can you get a letter following your assessment to confirm what the problem is and what treatment you will receive ?comment-icon1

Horrible morning. Confused. Unable to concentrate. Emails piling up. Ability to focus and sort things seems very low. Anxiety close to panic. Colleague sorts out this rats" nest in seconds like it was nothing. Am I retarded? There is no place of safety. It is all like this.Tired of life. Ive lived enough anyway. Sun shining. Nice out there. Nature is my home.

I'm concerned about my 26 year old Son. He's a lovely lad but seems to be in a dark place, is aggressive in his manner and constantly edgy. He's in full time employment and has decent savings. He also has some strange traits, he twitches, blinks and coughs a lot for no apparent reason. I think he needs to speak someone other than his Parents.comment-icon0
My son is waiting to be assessed for autism, these last couple of months have been hard.. praying he reaches his milestones. My anxiety has reached its highest point, feel like I can’t leave the house without being looked at, or constantly comparing my son to other children. I sit up hours in the night googling autism and the effects in years to come, started to have panic attacks, stopped eating and making myself sick. I worry for my sons future as he is non verbal.comment-icon1
I recently lost my mum. My days were occupied with her phoning up to six times a day and the small business I have with my husband. I am away from family and friends and always struggled with loneliness. We had just moved too. I have no save space we are in rented accommodation. Since the day she died I haven’t been able to go out without my husband driving me, can’t go inside anywhere and just rely on contact on zoom. I am terrified to be left alone. I am due to start CBT next week. I’m hoping this will help me regain some control over my life.comment-icon1
Hello, My husband suffers with generalised anxiety and has done so since we suffered several recurrent miscarriages 8 years ago. He has had CBT and has recently had some form of counselling over the phone but neither have been successful in helping us manage his anxiety. Is there any advice on alternative treatments/options available or out there that we could consider. I feel like the talking side of things he absolutely hates but it impacting our daily lives as a family. ANY advice is welcome! I am also looking for any support forums for those whose spouses/loved ones have anxiety as I always feel like I’m putting my foot in it and saying the wrong thing. Please HELP! 🙏🏻comment-icon1
I believe that my mental health is starting to deteriorate at a faster rate than usual. I am usually able to handle the stress of education, family and my relationship but recently everything has become very overwhelming and all I do is lay in bed. I experience severe anxiety when I think about attending classes, so much so that I experience anxiety attacks which apparently mimics a seizure. I do not know if this is relevant but I am always fatigued. Legit always tired. I usually enjoy waking up early to go to classes and I enjoyed learning but recently I have not enjoyed anything. In the back of my mind I know that I love the course that I’m studying and I am very interested in it. I know that I am capable of doing better and I am capable of succeeding in my course. However, I hate everything. The activities that made me happy no longer bring me satisfaction. I only go into lectures that are absolutely compulsory for me to attend or if I have a good week where my mind isn’t telling me to stay home and not be judged. I want to fix this. I want to be confident again. I believe I am dragging myself back educationally. In the forefront of my mind I am aware that I am experiencing severe depression and the more I stay home, the worse it gets. It also gets worse because I am so self aware of the mood changes. I want to get back to how are used to be. Where I was happy and I enjoyed everything that I do. Due to my recent low mood, I have been eating compulsively, even when I don’t need to. This has caused me to gain at least 30kg in the past year. This has further caused serious mental anguish. I am currently trying to lose the weight but my mental health keeps getting the best of me. I’ve been with my partner for five years, this year has been the most difficult for me mentally. I have had multiple breakdowns where I unintentionally raise my voice at my partner when I’m irritated. I have also become very irritable. As you can imagine. This has affected our relationship greatly. She feels so helpless when I tell my frustrations and she does so much for me already and I’m grateful so I try not to burden her with further with my issues. She also feels as though I don’t love her as much I did because I stay to myself and I just want to be alone but that’s not the case. I’ve told her many times, that I enjoy her company, I enjoy being around her, I want to lay on her, I want to cuddle her and I want to have fun with her and do activities outside of the house with her but for some reason I can’t bring myself to do it. As if there’s a mental barrier that is stopping me from being affectionate. The area in which we live, I feel as though we are outcasts because we are young black lesbian couple in a predominately white city. I bring this up because it makes me feel like everyone is watching us and in actuality, they usually do stare when we are outside displaying minor acts of affection like holding hands or giving the other a light kiss. I used to not care about how people perceived me but all of sudden moving here to study, I just want I have this ever growing concern of what people thought of me. All I know is, I know I have changed but I want to do this thing so desperately I want to go back to how it was when I was so happy and I did my work beforehand, I attended every lesson and I went out of my way to make sure that my girlfriend was happy. I’m tired of pretending to be happy, I want feeling to be be genuine now. the reason why I’m here is because I know it can get better and that I want live my life with my partner, have and watch my kids grow and as i strive for the better life, whatever this mental barrier is, it just keeps getting in the way. I think it’s time that I no longer put it off and I require outside support. I would like try various treatments before having to be prescribed medication. Thank you for taking the time to read this.comment-icon1
Are appointments available as home visitscomment-icon1
Hi I’ve tried to put my postcode in for my GP did not recognise trying to self refer myself as I need help as I already Suffer with P.T.S.D and having a marriage breakdowncomment-icon2
Hi I suffer with health anxiety and the past few weeks have really tested me, I get so many random symptoms that scare me I automatically think I've got cancer going on somewhere I try to get a gp appointment but everytime I call they have nothing I really need help but I cant get it I have do many things going on I just can't cope or function well at allcomment-icon2
Hi, my partner has really bad health anxiety, she knows this & admits she needs help. She 16wks pregnant & seems to be getting worse. She's worried incase food isn't cooked properly etc. I do tell her shes ok nothing is wrong with her but she dont seem to want to listen to me.comment-icon2
I've tried to self refer but get an error when I pick my gp practicecomment-icon1
My doctor give me your details can I get talking therapy?comment-icon8

I reached out after hitting rock bottom. With the support of a friend, they encouraged me to recognise I needed help and fast. I built the courage to contact my Dr and he referred me to this well being service.
I am still here today because of the help they provided, I cannot thank the counsellor enough for her compassionate and empathetic counselling, teaching me the tools needed to carry on for my self and live my life to the fullest, giving me a sense of purpose. Thank you


My son is struggling with his mental health
He is struggling to get up he wants to sleep all the time and doesn’t want to go to college or Socialise with the public.
He as also lost all his hair due to alopecia totalis he also has Gilbert syndrome
He says he can’t tell us everything he can only tell us somethings we’re trying to help him but finding it really difficult his parents
Can someone talk to him

I have found this last 18months very hard. I suffered with shaking, anxiety and general I'll health. All of this compounded by my fears for human life as the world seemed to be spiralling into destruction, with Covid and wars and conflict amongst different religions and races. Why can't we just be happy, that's all l ask? After counselling with Claire l realise that l can't take on the worries of the world, concentrate on the good there is and avoid all the bad news where possible. It's a black hole that l have slowly emerged from. So my advice to anyone is simple. Look for help and stick with it, it will get better.comment-icon2

I need help as I’m always feeling low an and anxious about my whole life, every aspect of my life is completely ruined, housing, employment my health, family life , debt etc. I don’t/ Carnot get to sleep at night as I just stress and become anxious all the time and I’ve lost a lot of weight as I just don’t eat and I never have food in the house to do so , I’m currently on benefits which is is embarrasing as I feel I should be at work but I carnt even answer my phone answer the door and any mail I get is just bills wanting money I just don’t have. I just want to hide away but this just isn’t working for me, when I do get to sleep and wake up I instantly feel like crap and wish I could sleep al the time as everyday feels like torture. I have children with my ex partner but hardly ever see them or contribute to their life’s, I lived alone for two years and my kids have never even been to my house as I just don’t have much furniture and I’m embarrassed for them to see how I live so it’s easier for them not to come here. Yes I believe we’ve all got problems in our life’s but I just. carnt get my head around getting things sorted or how to do it, hence I prefer to hide away? Home life is rubbish I don’t even watch tv as I don’t have an Arial so carnt, I don’t have a cooker so I couldn’t make a meal even if I wanted to I’m just stuck in this place with as I feel no hope. I’ve pulled at least 5 of my own teeth out as I carnt get see a dentist which again I don’t want people to see me. If I do have an appointment etc , I miss them as I carnt find anything to wear or just make excuses not to go ??? What is wrong with me ? My life is pathetic and I feel I’m not living just existing, waiting for something to happen. I’m writing this at 05:15 as I couldn’t get to sleep again


Well I have just had my last cbt session and I can honestly say it's been the best thing I have ever done!
I started this journey broken and lost. The journey has been tough and sometimes I have come out of sessions feeling worse than when I went in.
After just finishing my last session I can honestly say it is definitely worth. I am now such a confident person loving life again and being able to show the true me. I have found myself again and I am a much happier person for it! It really has transformed my life!
I would recommend this service to anyone who was like me broken and lost because the end result is amazing. Thank you for steering me in the right direction, giving me the tools to deal with anything that life is going to throw at me and for finding me again! I have much stronger and healthier relationships now and I am super excited to see what the future will hold for me. I am so very grateful and thankful! 

I don't know where to start. I have never been diagnosed with anything before so I can't say exactly what my situation is. One minute, I can be on an amazing mood, making plans and socialising but then the next I could go quiet, falling into a low mood ajd not wanting to socialise at all. As soon as I'm alone in my room, I cry my eyes out, for no reason at all and then I start thinking about sad things in my life like my nan passing away or my nephew being in care. I don't know what to do, my mood affects everyday in my life but then it gets worse. I get anxious over the littlest of things. Am I doing this right? Am I meant to be doing this? Is this how they want it? I constantly doubt myself about everything and I struggle to do things for work. During lockdown, we had to make videos for work to go onto YouTube but before I made it, I had a severe panic attack in front of my Co worker because i didn't know what people would think of it and was worried. I can't seem to do anything without doubting myself, stressing and being anxious or closing down ajd pulling myself away from everyone. Does anyone have any advice?comment-icon0
I don't know where to begin. I'm struggling to cope with anything. My anxieties about everything are wearing me down and I feel useless and worthless. My gender transition has isolated me from my family and I have never felt so alone. I have a massive operation coming up in Spain and I'm terrified of everything to do with the travel, the op and just about everything. I know people are having it worse than me which compounds my feelings and I feel guilt also.comment-icon0
Hi. I am 27 weeks pregnant and I’ve never suffered with depression before but right now I feel like I can’t cope. I’m no longer excited about my baby. I can’t motivate myself to do anything. My work is a mess, my house is a mess and it feels like my head is a mess. I feel guilty for being like this and putting my fiancé through this. We have argued about it lately. He thinks I’m being selfish but I can’t just ‘snap out’ of it. I cry all the time and nothing I do seems to make me any better. I feel embarrassed about speaking to someone because right now this should be the happiest time of my life. But all i feel is guilt and sadness.comment-icon1
Im in physical agony 24/7, through my whole body, and have no standard of life. My pain killers are not enough and can’t be increased. There is a drug that could, but dr says it’s too expensive.comment-icon0
I have been discharged and am in a much better place than I was in November 2020. The help I have received from all departments has been fantastic, the empathy shown by everyone is beyond reproach. The course of CBT really completed my recovery. I would definitely recommend this service to anyone who is in a bad place.comment-icon0
Hi, after my wife had breast cancer in 2013 I’ve developed more recently bad health anxiety I constantly check by whole body for lumps it effects my life massively I can’t stop doing it I hate it, I’ve tried 4 different counsellor’s for CBT and had about 10 sessions of hypnosis nothing has worked, any helpful ideas would be gratefully received especially if you have beat it yourself, thank you…comment-icon0
Hi everyone, i am currently pregnant with twins 19+4weeks, myself and my partner are absolutely over the moon about it. I recently left my job due to depression and anxiety caused by my work place, so money became a little tight at home. My partner last week confessed that he has run up credit cards and payday loads trying to pay one off with the other and got himself in a big mess. It's sent my anxiety and depression spiralling as i am now worried we aren't going to be able to afford to buy everything our children need. Any advice on just how to pick myself up again would be fantastic as i am really struggling to get back up after having a few really down dayscomment-icon1
I have health anxiety, and at the moment, it revolves around covid; not so much becoming ill with it myself but passing it onto someone because I might be asymptomatic or I've missed a symptom or something because I've put a symptom down to being anxious (e.g. Feeling warm/hot, chest pain). I rarely leave the house as I WFH, but still test twice a week to be safe but the tests cause me anxiety too! I want to meet people and do more, without being constantly worried about covid. Just wondering if anyone else has similar anxieties about covid and going out during these times? How can I stop avoiding things?comment-icon0
Does anyone take medication for their anxiety? I'm due to start CBT again next week, after trying it last year, but already feel like it won't work for me and I'll need medication, but worried about side effects etc.comment-icon4
Hi everyone So I’ve recently been diagnosed with fibromyalgia it’s took many years to get this result, but now I have it’s hit me hard! People don’t seem to understand as it’s not a visual disability :(comment-icon4
I am really struggling at the moment. I have suffered with depression for over 5 years, but at the moment it’s really bad and the annoying thing is I don’t know why. I have been advised to restart counselling but struggle with opening up and being vulnerable face to face with someone I don’t know, is there any other way I can seek counselling?comment-icon4
I'm currently experiencing conflict with my 15 year old. This seems to have come completely out of the blue, he gets stressed and irritable very easily and we have conflict every day regarding him playing pc computer games. Am trying to give him time limits so that we don't have to keep on at him but he doesn't stick to them. I have anxiety and all of this conflict is making me extremely unhappy. Any help?comment-icon2
Why is the self-referral form not available when I click on the link? Am I able to self-refer anymore? Thanks.comment-icon1
I’m suffering from social anxiety and mood swings, have been for a long time, been to embarrassed and frightened to do anything about itcomment-icon1
Good morning I’ve never done anything like this before but can’t deal with alone anymore, I’m currently in bed trying not to panic and cry, I suffer from health anxietycomment-icon4
Does your service diagnose mental health conditions? I am worried that I may have bipolar disorder after many years of being in denial, but I can't see that as a disorder you help with on your website. Many Thankscomment-icon1
Need help dealing with anxiety and thoughts going round in my headcomment-icon1
Lately, I've been struggling with really acute anxiety. It seemed to have hit me like a ton of bricks about 3 weeks ago and is ongoing. I believe it's due to an accumulation of all that's been happening in the world, but it's not totally clear. I've been experiencing anxiety attacks more often than ever in my life; foggy brain; feeling like I'm in a dream; buzzing/shooting sensations running from the base of my spine into my legs; digestive issues; dizziness. My most alarming symptom is this lingering, almost tactile sensation that my limbs are detached in some way from the rest of my body, and feeling like I'm floating on a cloud, almost like boat legs. I suffer from Tourette syndrome and my tics have gotten worse and more pronounced since these anxiety episodes began. I'm wondering if it's a combination of the Tourette's and possibly depersonalization that's making me feel these alien sensations, but I'm not 100% sure. It's getting close to the point that I'm struggling to function in my normal waking life, but I'm plodding along as best I can. I'm just hoping that it all passes swiftly so I can reconnect with reality and return to being my normal self.comment-icon1
Hi, does anybody have any tips on stopping a panic attack,going into full mode? I have a thing about letters,a letter came Monday,hand delivered,and I can't open it,when I think about it my heart pounds,I pace around,grabbing my hair,I have the habit of humming, so humming goes really loud and fast, then I'm shaking, raging with anger, Some friend my dog is, he gets up and leaves me to it 😔comment-icon2
I'm struggling with day to day life and my mood fluctuations. My wife has 0 understanding of it and I can't even escape the house as I'm working from home. Is anyone experiencing similar at the moment?comment-icon3
Since completing cancer treatment I have been suffering with anxiety. I am now on low dose of meds which take time To get into my system. I have a wellbeing assessment on 10th Feb. Can you recommend anything in the meantime as I need help? Any other helpline to speak to for example?comment-icon1
Am I able to self refer via email?comment-icon3
I've had Covid and recovered but I've been left with ongoing symptoms. I get breathless and it hurts in all my limbs when I try and exercise gently or do things for any length of time. I'm scared that this is how I'm going to be from now on and I don't think my GP is taking my symptoms seriously. She's sent me to this service who have been helpful and I've got an appointment but I feel I need to know if anyone else has had this, I keep hearing about long covid symptoms and it's making me really scared. Has anyone on this website had covid and have you had symptoms continuing afterwards?comment-icon2

Hi since July I’ve had depression and anxiety. I’ve been trying so hard to keep active going out walking and going on bike rides and I’ve been doing so well since I went back to work last month on a phased return I’ve noticed another problem has started where as if my head tilts backwards and I try to catch my breath my lips go dry for a bit then comes back to normal after a few seconds is this linked to anxiety

Hi, I'm fifteen and I've been struggling with anxiety and depressive episodes for just over four years now, and not very comfortable when it comes to phone calls, I'm not sure what I should docomment-icon2
If I self refer, are you offering face to face appts during lockdown? or will I be directed to video calls, zoom, Skype or suchlike - I don’t have technology to do these, so would be excluded from them.comment-icon3
I've been feeling anxious about going out since COVID has been in the news again more recently, does anyone else feel like this and how do you cope? Any tips appreciated :)comment-icon4
I believe that I have missed my appointment, what number do I have to call regarding rebooking a new appointment??comment-icon1
Hi, I’ve been suffering with chronic pain for a couple of years now, GP has tried about 3options for pain relief, unfortunately none have worked to well and I feel he’s reached the limit on what he’s going to do so he gave me your details to contact..... I’m so upset has I feel he’s saying it’s all in my head .... but it’s truely not its very real honest, I fall frequently suffer real bad dizzy spells and no idea what I can do now so upset and my anxiety is real bad ... can you helpcomment-icon1
I am feeling depressed because I am having problems dealing with my son. He has Tourette's, anxiety, depression, dyslexia and dyspraxia. Can your service help me. ?comment-icon1
my GP as suggested I check your online service,i have seen my GP regarding raised blood pressure and am currently under investigation ,but I am dealing with a enormous amount of stress at the moment NY father has vascular dementia and is in a care home and having recurrent falls feeling pity helpless as not sure what right course of action is,could you suggest any techniques to support mecomment-icon1
I've suffered with Arthritis and Sciatica for many years and have never had anyone in the NHS really take any time to consider how this affects my wellbeing as it's made me not want to live any more at times. This service is really helping and is giving me hope for the future but I would really like to know if anyone else is living with pain and how you are coping with it because it's hard everyday. I am trying to focus on the things that give the meaning to my life and not be defined by pain and disability.comment-icon0
I am transgender at the very early stages of transition, I am not out in public yet and this causes phases of really low mood/depression/anxiety, my GP recommended your service. Is this something you can help with?comment-icon2
I am currently suffering with what I feel like are bouts of anxiety and maybe depression, I also find that I cry more often than considered normal and I can never hold the crying back no matter how much I try. I am also unsure on how to best help my alcoholic mother which causes a lot of tension at home. Would it be best referring myself and which service should I refer to?comment-icon1
My 11 year old is showing signs of OCD. Can he be treated here?comment-icon1
Hi can sexuality be part of my depression and anxiety amungst other issues I mean being in a straight marriage then realizing I might be bi or a lesbiancomment-icon1
Can I bring my one year old daughter with me to my appointment?comment-icon1
Hi, where are you in Leek please?comment-icon4
Can I ask if you offer any treatments for 16 year olds. Thank youcomment-icon1
You have helped me so much with my anxiety I thought I would never be me again but I no longer feel controlled by my body thank you so much. My seizures no longer feel so out of control and I have a life again. I recommend the wellbeing team if you have a physical problem that you feel is controlling you.comment-icon1
On the internet it says you are open till 8pm, is this correct. Do you offer evening appointments then, as most services seem to b just in the day and I work. I don’t drive so was wondering where the appointments take place so I can check the bus times. I would like to refer myself due to my anxiety but will depend on the answers to the above questions as I don’t want get my hopes upcomment-icon3
Hi I am feeling very anxious and can't control my thoughts.comment-icon2
I have suffered with anxiety on and off for most of my life. I would like to thank this service and particularly my therapist for her support over the last few months, CBT has really worked for me and I am now feeling so much better. I feel I can now manage my anxieties and have learnt how to handle my stress, the diary being a great help. I would like to tell everyone who struggles with anxiety to see someone from this service, they really understand and the approach works - hang in there - you can do it!comment-icon1
Does anyone know how to check an appointment time? Or what time the phone line opens. Thanks xcomment-icon2
My daughter is 17 and is currently suffering with what seems to be social anxiety. Because of that she won't self refer as she feels unable to do so. It is affecting her whole life and we are at a loss what to do. If she is refusing to speak to anybody regarding treatment what can we do? (she won't go to college or go out unless we are with her).comment-icon1
I am struggling with pain everyday and the exhaustion it gives from just trying to do normal things. I don't think the NHS works at all for people with long term problmes like mine. My consultant has written me off as there is nothing more he can do I just have to suffer for the rest of my life. I am starting to see a therapist here who seems nice but I really want to know if anybody has found a way to live with this, I have been suicidal in the past and I don't know if anything can help it just seems hopeless. I have Arthritis I am only 43.comment-icon2
Hi, my daughter is 14 and is having some problems. Is she too young for self referral or can we give you a call?comment-icon3
How do I access the couples therapycomment-icon3