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Need help dealing with anxiety and thoughts going round in my headcomment-icon1
Lately, I've been struggling with really acute anxiety. It seemed to have hit me like a ton of bricks about 3 weeks ago and is ongoing. I believe it's due to an accumulation of all that's been happening in the world, but it's not totally clear. I've been experiencing anxiety attacks more often than ever in my life; foggy brain; feeling like I'm in a dream; buzzing/shooting sensations running from the base of my spine into my legs; digestive issues; dizziness. My most alarming symptom is this lingering, almost tactile sensation that my limbs are detached in some way from the rest of my body, and feeling like I'm floating on a cloud, almost like boat legs. I suffer from Tourette syndrome and my tics have gotten worse and more pronounced since these anxiety episodes began. I'm wondering if it's a combination of the Tourette's and possibly depersonalization that's making me feel these alien sensations, but I'm not 100% sure. It's getting close to the point that I'm struggling to function in my normal waking life, but I'm plodding along as best I can. I'm just hoping that it all passes swiftly so I can reconnect with reality and return to being my normal self.comment-icon0
Hi, does anybody have any tips on stopping a panic attack,going into full mode? I have a thing about letters,a letter came Monday,hand delivered,and I can't open it,when I think about it my heart pounds,I pace around,grabbing my hair,I have the habit of humming, so humming goes really loud and fast, then I'm shaking, raging with anger, Some friend my dog is, he gets up and leaves me to it 😔comment-icon1
I'm struggling with day to day life and my mood fluctuations. My wife has 0 understanding of it and I can't even escape the house as I'm working from home. Is anyone experiencing similar at the moment?comment-icon1
Since completing cancer treatment I have been suffering with anxiety. I am now on low dose of meds which take time To get into my system. I have a wellbeing assessment on 10th Feb. Can you recommend anything in the meantime as I need help? Any other helpline to speak to for example?comment-icon1
Am I able to self refer via email?comment-icon3
I've had Covid and recovered but I've been left with ongoing symptoms. I get breathless and it hurts in all my limbs when I try and exercise gently or do things for any length of time. I'm scared that this is how I'm going to be from now on and I don't think my GP is taking my symptoms seriously. She's sent me to this service who have been helpful and I've got an appointment but I feel I need to know if anyone else has had this, I keep hearing about long covid symptoms and it's making me really scared. Has anyone on this website had covid and have you had symptoms continuing afterwards?comment-icon2

Hi since July I’ve had depression and anxiety. I’ve been trying so hard to keep active going out walking and going on bike rides and I’ve been doing so well since I went back to work last month on a phased return I’ve noticed another problem has started where as if my head tilts backwards and I try to catch my breath my lips go dry for a bit then comes back to normal after a few seconds is this linked to anxiety

Hi, I'm fifteen and I've been struggling with anxiety and depressive episodes for just over four years now, and not very comfortable when it comes to phone calls, I'm not sure what I should docomment-icon1
If I self refer, are you offering face to face appts during lockdown? or will I be directed to video calls, zoom, Skype or suchlike - I don’t have technology to do these, so would be excluded from them.comment-icon2
I've been feeling anxious about going out since COVID has been in the news again more recently, does anyone else feel like this and how do you cope? Any tips appreciated :)comment-icon4
I believe that I have missed my appointment, what number do I have to call regarding rebooking a new appointment??comment-icon1
Hi, I’ve been suffering with chronic pain for a couple of years now, GP has tried about 3options for pain relief, unfortunately none have worked to well and I feel he’s reached the limit on what he’s going to do so he gave me your details to contact..... I’m so upset has I feel he’s saying it’s all in my head .... but it’s truely not its very real honest, I fall frequently suffer real bad dizzy spells and no idea what I can do now so upset and my anxiety is real bad ... can you helpcomment-icon1
I am feeling depressed because I am having problems dealing with my son. He has Tourette's, anxiety, depression, dyslexia and dyspraxia. Can your service help me. ?comment-icon1
my GP as suggested I check your online service,i have seen my GP regarding raised blood pressure and am currently under investigation ,but I am dealing with a enormous amount of stress at the moment NY father has vascular dementia and is in a care home and having recurrent falls feeling pity helpless as not sure what right course of action is,could you suggest any techniques to support mecomment-icon1
I've suffered with Arthritis and Sciatica for many years and have never had anyone in the NHS really take any time to consider how this affects my wellbeing as it's made me not want to live any more at times. This service is really helping and is giving me hope for the future but I would really like to know if anyone else is living with pain and how you are coping with it because it's hard everyday. I am trying to focus on the things that give the meaning to my life and not be defined by pain and disability.comment-icon0
I am transgender at the very early stages of transition, I am not out in public yet and this causes phases of really low mood/depression/anxiety, my GP recommended your service. Is this something you can help with?comment-icon2
I am currently suffering with what I feel like are bouts of anxiety and maybe depression, I also find that I cry more often than considered normal and I can never hold the crying back no matter how much I try. I am also unsure on how to best help my alcoholic mother which causes a lot of tension at home. Would it be best referring myself and which service should I refer to?comment-icon1
My 11 year old is showing signs of OCD. Can he be treated here?comment-icon1
Hi can sexuality be part of my depression and anxiety amungst other issues I mean being in a straight marriage then realizing I might be bi or a lesbiancomment-icon1
Can I bring my one year old daughter with me to my appointment?comment-icon1
Hi, where are you in Leek please?comment-icon4
Can I ask if you offer any treatments for 16 year olds. Thank youcomment-icon1
You have helped me so much with my anxiety I thought I would never be me again but I no longer feel controlled by my body thank you so much. My seizures no longer feel so out of control and I have a life again. I recommend the wellbeing team if you have a physical problem that you feel is controlling you.comment-icon1
On the internet it says you are open till 8pm, is this correct. Do you offer evening appointments then, as most services seem to b just in the day and I work. I don’t drive so was wondering where the appointments take place so I can check the bus times. I would like to refer myself due to my anxiety but will depend on the answers to the above questions as I don’t want get my hopes upcomment-icon3
Hi I am feeling very anxious and can't control my thoughts.comment-icon2
I have suffered with anxiety on and off for most of my life. I would like to thank this service and particularly my therapist for her support over the last few months, CBT has really worked for me and I am now feeling so much better. I feel I can now manage my anxieties and have learnt how to handle my stress, the diary being a great help. I would like to tell everyone who struggles with anxiety to see someone from this service, they really understand and the approach works - hang in there - you can do it!comment-icon1
Does anyone know how to check an appointment time? Or what time the phone line opens. Thanks xcomment-icon2
My daughter is 17 and is currently suffering with what seems to be social anxiety. Because of that she won't self refer as she feels unable to do so. It is affecting her whole life and we are at a loss what to do. If she is refusing to speak to anybody regarding treatment what can we do? (she won't go to college or go out unless we are with her).comment-icon1
I am struggling with pain everyday and the exhaustion it gives from just trying to do normal things. I don't think the NHS works at all for people with long term problmes like mine. My consultant has written me off as there is nothing more he can do I just have to suffer for the rest of my life. I am starting to see a therapist here who seems nice but I really want to know if anybody has found a way to live with this, I have been suicidal in the past and I don't know if anything can help it just seems hopeless. I have Arthritis I am only 43.comment-icon2
Hi, my daughter is 14 and is having some problems. Is she too young for self referral or can we give you a call?comment-icon3
How do I access the couples therapycomment-icon3