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Hi everyone, i am currently pregnant with twins 19+4weeks, myself and my partner are absolutely over the moon about it. I recently left my job due to depression and anxiety caused by my work place, so money became a little tight at home. My partner last week confessed that he has run up credit cards and payday loads trying to pay one off with the other and got himself in a big mess. It's sent my anxiety and depression spiralling as i am now worried we aren't going to be able to afford to buy everything our children need. Any advice on just how to pick myself up again would be fantastic as i am really struggling to get back up after having a few really down days
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Ah congratulations! You and your husband must be excited for the twins! Financially I'd suggest speaking to your bank, there are things they can do like consolidating your loans into one payment, or advising on any repayment plans like debt relief orders (if that's something you want to do). For yourself less stress is best, I'd suggest trying some relaxation techniques or giving yourself that "me time". And when you're up to it you can try and problem solve yours and your partners finances together. I think this service does help with that kind of advice as well they may be able to help better, I hope this helps!

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