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I need help as I’m always feeling low an and anxious about my whole life, every aspect of my life is completely ruined, housing, employment my health, family life , debt etc. I don’t/ Carnot get to sleep at night as I just stress and become anxious all the time and I’ve lost a lot of weight as I just don’t eat and I never have food in the house to do so , I’m currently on benefits which is is embarrasing as I feel I should be at work but I carnt even answer my phone answer the door and any mail I get is just bills wanting money I just don’t have. I just want to hide away but this just isn’t working for me, when I do get to sleep and wake up I instantly feel like crap and wish I could sleep al the time as everyday feels like torture. I have children with my ex partner but hardly ever see them or contribute to their life’s, I lived alone for two years and my kids have never even been to my house as I just don’t have much furniture and I’m embarrassed for them to see how I live so it’s easier for them not to come here. Yes I believe we’ve all got problems in our life’s but I just. carnt get my head around getting things sorted or how to do it, hence I prefer to hide away? Home life is rubbish I don’t even watch tv as I don’t have an Arial so carnt, I don’t have a cooker so I couldn’t make a meal even if I wanted to I’m just stuck in this place with as I feel no hope. I’ve pulled at least 5 of my own teeth out as I carnt get see a dentist which again I don’t want people to see me. If I do have an appointment etc , I miss them as I carnt find anything to wear or just make excuses not to go ??? What is wrong with me ? My life is pathetic and I feel I’m not living just existing, waiting for something to happen. I’m writing this at 05:15 as I couldn’t get to sleep again

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You’re not alone in those feelings. If you asked those around you, and they were honest, everyone feels how you feel to a degree. Lack of control can make everything seem a little hopeless. I like to make lists ... maybe you could when you can sleep. The list is the step of taking control for me. I acknowledge what I need to do and then start doing the easier stuff. That makes me feel better as I have finished stuff and proven to myself that I am capable of completing stuff. It makes me feel better, which helps to motivate me to try the more difficult tasks. And, by completing the smaller tasks, I start to think more about problem solving which helps me to tackle the bigger tasks. I then tick those things off the list and it feels good. Sometimes I write a summary of what I have achieved that day and it shows me that my time hasn’t been wasted and that I’m in a better position than I was yesterday. It’s a long process, but you are much more capable than you realise and, deep down, you know that you are very capable.

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