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I have found this last 18months very hard. I suffered with shaking, anxiety and general I'll health. All of this compounded by my fears for human life as the world seemed to be spiralling into destruction, with Covid and wars and conflict amongst different religions and races. Why can't we just be happy, that's all l ask? After counselling with Claire l realise that l can't take on the worries of the world, concentrate on the good there is and avoid all the bad news where possible. It's a black hole that l have slowly emerged from. So my advice to anyone is simple. Look for help and stick with it, it will get better.
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this has encoraged me to try the service i too got effected by covid I mean employment worries caused issues for years but covid scared me and untill recently i think i hid away from that fact pretended it was ok now but that on top of job issues led to a fear of intermacy add greif into the mix not only for passed loved ones but those i've pushed away i just hope a wellbeinf counseller can show me how to be better at accepting emotional help
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I have had anxiety problems since my brother was nasty to me in February this year.
Now he is not speaking to me.
I have lost both parents.
My mum February 2000 age 70.
My dad in August 2021. Aged 97 years old.
They did not come to the funeral.
They did not have a clue what it was like.
They interfered in February.
I was worried about my dad coming back at home and falling.
My brother was telling the person that I have to move out etc.
Considering I owed half the house.
Then my brother blamed me for the falls. His partner told three versions of things about my brother and how upset he was.
 It was covid and no-one was allowed to come into the house etc.I still can't get over it.
How to stop the past and to get on.

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