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My son is struggling with his mental health
He is struggling to get up he wants to sleep all the time and doesn’t want to go to college or Socialise with the public.
He as also lost all his hair due to alopecia totalis he also has Gilbert syndrome
He says he can’t tell us everything he can only tell us somethings we’re trying to help him but finding it really difficult his parents
Can someone talk to him

Wellbeing Team


We are sorry to hear about the difficulties your son has been facing. If he would like to discuss a referral for talking therapies and his GP is in Staffordshire then he can call 0300 3030 923. If he would like less formal support in the form of a helpline he can use the Samaritans 116 123 or the stafforshire mental health helpline 0808 800 2234.

For any emergency situations please use the access team on 0800 0328 728.

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