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My doctor give me your details can I get talking therapy?
Wellbeing Team

Yes you can self-refer by calling 0300 3030 923 or visit the "self-refer" section on the website to complete an online referral


The Wellbeing team

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Hi yes my doctor has sent me the information for referral, could I have some information please?
Wellbeing Team

Yes of course.

We offer talking therapies for anxiety and depression. We also offer bereavement counselling. The type of therapy will depend on what the main problem is. We offer a first appointment to discuss your problem in more detail which will then help us to determine what the most suitable treatment options would be. If you would like to then go ahead with the therapy will we get you booked in to start from there. Please contact us on the information above if you would like to go ahead with a referral. 

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The wellbeing service

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What is the waiting time to see someone?
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Hi my doctor recommended contacting you regarding getting help with my anxiety.
Wellbeing Team

Please contact your local service to find out when the next appointments are available as it can differ depending on area.

thank you

Wellbeing Team


Please contact us on the details above to discuss making a referral to your local service.

Thank you

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Hi my husband passed away last year and I’m REALY struggling at the moment 

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