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Hi I suffer with health anxiety and the past few weeks have really tested me, I get so many random symptoms that scare me I automatically think I've got cancer going on somewhere I try to get a gp appointment but everytime I call they have nothing I really need help but I cant get it I have do many things going on I just can't cope or function well at all
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I would ask myself, what evidence I have to think these things, are my thoughts realistic and what could I do to calm myself. I have had similar issues and felt they were unmanageable, it took time and practice to change, it didn't happen over night. I got help from this service and worked through my issues. Believe me I know it isn't easy, but give yourself time and don't be too hard on yourself. I wish you well
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Hi i have been feeling low for quite a while now, just like you, & i didn't know how to express how I'm feeling or even a name for how I'm feeling, then i saw the term health anxiety & i read the above article, & thought that's how i feel, i do have d few health problems of which I'm on meds for, but their is a couple of things i haven't spoke about, because I'm scared , i know its stupid but I'm not good with hospitals & doctors & really expressing myself, i kind of hope things will right themselves, I'm not sure I'm making any sense, i have come to this site because the doctor said you can get help here.

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