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Hello, My husband suffers with generalised anxiety and has done so since we suffered several recurrent miscarriages 8 years ago. He has had CBT and has recently had some form of counselling over the phone but neither have been successful in helping us manage his anxiety. Is there any advice on alternative treatments/options available or out there that we could consider. I feel like the talking side of things he absolutely hates but it impacting our daily lives as a family. ANY advice is welcome! I am also looking for any support forums for those whose spouses/loved ones have anxiety as I always feel like Iā€™m putting my foot in it and saying the wrong thing. Please HELP! šŸ™šŸ»
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Hi, I just read your post and hope to help. There is a really good website called Action For Happiness. It has some really good video resources that are focussed on lowering anxiety, from a range of life scenarios and by leading therapists. The aim is to use a mindfulness based approach when anxiety is present. I really recommend investing some time in learning more about mindfulness as it does follow the principles of CBT and can be accessed instantly with the right support. I am a 50 year old male who has used CBT and meds in the past. However, mindfulness was the light bulb moment for me and made the significant difference to my mental wellbeing. It does needs to be cultivated though as what you put in you get out. Most GP surgeries also have Social Prescribers and Mental Health Practitioners in house that could give more info on this form of self help and advise you further. I wish you both well and hope this helps in some way.

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