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My son is waiting to be assessed for autism, these last couple of months have been hard.. praying he reaches his milestones. My anxiety has reached its highest point, feel like I can’t leave the house without being looked at, or constantly comparing my son to other children. I sit up hours in the night googling autism and the effects in years to come, started to have panic attacks, stopped eating and making myself sick. I worry for my sons future as he is non verbal.
Peer comment
Having been through this myself I completely understand how you are feeling. It is a very emotional time not only seeking help when you admit that something is different but then there is a grief almost that you have to let go of the child you thought you had and accept the child you do have. I would say there are some great support groups in Stoke such as Pegis where you will be made to feel welcome. These feelings will get easier, but the worry for the future will of course stay like any parent. Being a parent to a child with additional needs is hard, but once you have answers you can digest, accept and appreciate them as the miracles they are.

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