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I feel completely let down by the authorities and helpless seeing my son be poisoned by toxic gas on a regular basis. There is no justice and no help for us, why does no one care what is happening to our children and what are we paying our taxes for if we don’t have the same human rights as everyone else? The latest law fare against the community for daring to take a stand is crippling - crushing people who are begging for fresh air for their children and are getting no reasonable amount of help to do so in a timely manner is the end of humanity for our town. No humanity or real support from the government - seemingly a pretence from parliament to placate the peasants. Anyone with a real desire to help stop this has failed because they’ve hit a ceiling. Helpless, attacked, assaulted, violated relentlessly while the people we pay to be in power / positions of public authority watch and allow it to happen. Anxiety, low mood, panic, fear, incredulity, horror, shock, appalled. Emotional rollercoaster and we are not even allowed to fight for our own children any more. What’s left? Roll over and let our children continue to be poisoned? What’s left?!
Wellbeing Team

The majority of our NHS team live locally, and we understand how desperate the continuing situation with the landfill site makes you feel. We share these feelings, and our service has dedicated counsellors offering support for those affected. If you think it might be helpful for you to talk through your feelings with one of our counsellors then please self-refer using the link on this website, or call our self-referal line 0300 303 0923 choosing the option for North Staffordshire.    

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