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Just been told by gp to contact this service. I have suffered for years with anxiety and depression and am really struggling at mo.
Wellbeing Team

We're sorry to hear you are feeling that you are struggling with symptoms of anxiety and depression at the moment however this is something that is a very common experience for people with approximatey 1/4 of us experiencing anxiety or depression at any one time.
The good news is that there are a range of really effective and accesible treatments for this that our wellbeing specialists can discuss with you.
If you would like to book an appointmnet to find out more about these treatment options you can either click on the online self referral above or give one of our team a call on 0300 3030 923 and they would be happy to advise you and set up a first appointment so that you can share your experiences with a wellbeing specialist who will be able to listen and help you to choose the most helpful treatment for you. 

Peer comment
I've put off getting help for years but today I did speak to someone on the number above. They were really kind and listened to what I had to say. I have struggled with mental health professionals in the past but honestly I felt this service was different and were willing to give me all sorts of options in terms of what might help. I feel really positive just doing something. I hope you feel able to contact them and start to put some ideas together to feel a bit stronger.
Wellbeing Team

Thats great, we do try to best support people to find the most evidenced treatment options for them based on their own personal experiences.
We hope you feel empowered by knowing what support is avaliable and we are glad you feel listened to as we like to say you are always the expert in your own life and we are here to support you to find techniques that help you to work towards managing any symptoms of anxiety and depression you may be experiencing. We wish you the best in continuing treatment.

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