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Hi I’ve started felling really down and anxious been having lots of stress at work and really struggling to do normal day to day things been shaking and having headaches struggling to eat and sleep feel like a failure don’t no what to do
Wellbeing Team

We're sorry to hear that you've been experiencing stress at the moment, this can have a real impact on our wellbeing and can sometimes cause low mood and anxiety symptoms for people. Many people access the wellbeing service when they are feeling this way and we can support you to access treatment for the physical symptoms you've described and also to help you to identify some coping strategies for how you're currently feeling.
Its very easy and convenient to get an appointmnet as you can either refer for an appointment online using the self refer tab above or alternatively if it would feel better to speak to somebody you can call us on 0300 3030 923 and one of our team will be there to speak to you about the service locally to you and will be able to set you up with a first appointment, from there we can meet with you and offer you a choice of treatments if this is something you feel would be helpful.

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