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i am 36 and over the last 21 /22 months i have had ongoing pain in tummy which has not gone away and my health generally is getting to me and its like when i go to doctors I feel I am not being listened to and then i have the disorder of overthinking everything and feel like rubbish .
Wellbeing Team

Sorry to hear this is happening as it can be very difficult to be experiencing physical symptoms and to have no clear explanation of why these are occurring. Often for people this can impact other areas of their lives as well sometimes leading to symptoms of low mood or heightened anxiety symptoms.
If you would like to seek some support around the impact your physical health is having on your overall wellbeing then please either self refer online or give us a call on 0300 3030 923 and we will arrange for one of our friendly and approachable wellbeing practitioners to meet with you to further understand your experiences and offer some treatment options for you to consider as a support.

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