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I lost my dad in 2020, all things escalated from there. I lost my happiness, had to quite my job, school and everything I loved doing. Depression has put me in a dark place. A place I don’t know how I can get out. At the moment I live for the ones I love and who are so dear to me. I want to know how to deal with my emotions that’s why I’m reaching out now, I’m really exhausted.
Wellbeing Team

It can be very difficult to lose somebody we are close to and can sometimes impact us in areas of our lives that we didn't expect.
If you would like some support from our service we could listen to you and offer you a range of treatment options for grief, loss or depression that may be helpful. If you are unsure and feeling a bit lost then speaking to our trained wellbeing practitioners at the first appointment could guide you through these options.

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