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On the internet it says you are open till 8pm, is this correct. Do you offer evening appointments then, as most services seem to b just in the day and I work. I don’t drive so was wondering where the appointments take place so I can check the bus times. I would like to refer myself due to my anxiety but will depend on the answers to the above questions as I don’t want get my hopes up
Wellbeing Team

Hello and thank you for your message.

Our phone lines are only open from 9-5 although we do offer treatment sessions outside of these times Monday-Thursday with the last appointment being at 7pm. 

We offer appointments at our main bases (Newcastle and Leek) and also in many GP practices in the North Staffordshire area. 

If you would like more information or to book an appointment you can call us on 01782 711651 or alternately head over to the self-refer section of the website to fill out a web referral. 

Thank you

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Where are they in Newcastle
Wellbeing Team


We have a base at Earl house on Miller street and Morston House on the Midway.

Thank you

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