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Hi, I’ve been suffering with chronic pain for a couple of years now, GP has tried about 3options for pain relief, unfortunately none have worked to well and I feel he’s reached the limit on what he’s going to do so he gave me your details to contact..... I’m so upset has I feel he’s saying it’s all in my head .... but it’s truely not its very real honest, I fall frequently suffer real bad dizzy spells and no idea what I can do now so upset and my anxiety is real bad ... can you help
Wellbeing Team


Thank you for your message. I'm sorry to hear that you have been feeling this way. Our service regularly works with people experiencing pain and any anxiety/low mood related to this. If you'd like to self-refer you will have the opportunity to talk about this in more detail with one of our therapists and we can then look at how treatment here might help. You can call us to refer on 0300 3030 923 (option 2). 


The wellbeing team

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