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If I self refer, are you offering face to face appts during lockdown? or will I be directed to video calls, zoom, Skype or suchlike - I don’t have technology to do these, so would be excluded from them.
Wellbeing Team

Hello and thanks for your message.

During the pandemic we will be able to provide treatment and support via telephone or on-line video calls. We are not able to deliver face-to-face appointments at the moment in our clinics, but telephone and online appointments are just as effective, and can be more frequent and convenient for you. You can self-refer by calling 0300 3030 923. 

Thank you,

The wellbeing team

Peer comment
Hi, I'm having telephone appointments and they have been really useful. I was worried about not being face to face but I've found that they are good, I actually did my first appointment on video on my smart phone (they sent me a link to a website to click on and I did it on there) but have had telephone since as it's suited me better
Peer comment
I find telephone appointments to be even more beneficial, as it allows you time to gather your thoughts. I always feel less pressured during a telephone appointment, everyone is different but you might feel the same way!

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