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Hi since July I’ve had depression and anxiety. I’ve been trying so hard to keep active going out walking and going on bike rides and I’ve been doing so well since I went back to work last month on a phased return I’ve noticed another problem has started where as if my head tilts backwards and I try to catch my breath my lips go dry for a bit then comes back to normal after a few seconds is this linked to anxiety

Wellbeing Team


Thank you for your post.

It sounds like you have been doing well after a very difficult time. It is possible that what you are describing is linked to anxiety, as anxiety can cause lots of physical sensations in our body (all harmless, thankfully). The booklet linked below will tell you a bit more about the symptoms of anxiety, however if you are concerned I would recommend speaking to your GP, or you can self-refer for support with by calling us on 03003030923.


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