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I've had Covid and recovered but I've been left with ongoing symptoms. I get breathless and it hurts in all my limbs when I try and exercise gently or do things for any length of time. I'm scared that this is how I'm going to be from now on and I don't think my GP is taking my symptoms seriously. She's sent me to this service who have been helpful and I've got an appointment but I feel I need to know if anyone else has had this, I keep hearing about long covid symptoms and it's making me really scared. Has anyone on this website had covid and have you had symptoms continuing afterwards?
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Hi! You are describing exactly what I am struggling with since having Covid in May. I don't feel I've had a week not feeling unwell since and I have daily symptoms like you of breathless when exerting myself (even walking up the stairs) muscle aches and extreme tiredness. I have worries that I will not ever feel better and that the virus has had such an impact on my body and caused long term damage. There does not seem to be much research to say what the long term effects are.
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Hi, you have just described exactly how I've been feeling since testing positive in October. I spoke to my GP last week and told him all my symptoms. He referred me to a new 'long covid clinic'. Today I had a call from a really lovely lady, she is a triage physiotherapist who has given me breathing exercises to do, she has also sent me several useful links - this is one of them. I think I'll find this one really useful as I'm struggling so much with not being able to talk to anyone about how I'm feeling. My husband struggles to talk about things like this and if I'm feeling low, instead of listening he gets defensive as if it's somehow his fault. Last week we had a huge row because he had to hoover up some cobwebs.... he said I'm lazy and he as the main earner is working hard, while my job as an early years practitioner is of less value as my wage is significantly lower. There were lots of other put downs too, so I'm feeling pretty rubbish about myself. The most positive thing I have taken from the call is that this is absolutely a real thig..... I had been feeling like I was being dramatic or lazy but everything that I've been experiencing is valid, I have post viral fatigue. Now I've got the information there's lots I can do to help myself get back to the old me.... it might take a while but I'll get there. Be kind to yourself, rest when you need to, ask your GP about a referral, I really hope you get the help too x

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