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Hi, does anybody have any tips on stopping a panic attack,going into full mode? I have a thing about letters,a letter came Monday,hand delivered,and I can't open it,when I think about it my heart pounds,I pace around,grabbing my hair,I have the habit of humming, so humming goes really loud and fast, then I'm shaking, raging with anger, Some friend my dog is, he gets up and leaves me to it 😔
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Hi there I’m Alice, I’m recovering from Domestic violence, what happened 3 years ago, now this happened to me with all the humming my heart going but I got the help and support I needed and how I controlled my humming and the problems you're having is music, it will block everything out & counting until 10, hope this advice help's take care of yourself keep going x

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Music. Thankyou. That’s is true and a timely reminder for me..

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